Jhonatan Salazar

Hi! 👋🏽 My full name is Jhonatan Jesus Salazar Rodriguez, but my friends call me Jhon

Goodbye Evergreen

Porque cuando llueve relampaguea

Life is beautiful because it ends. That’s the theme in the final season of the Good Place. And it’s something I believe and I notice in different parts as I’ve grown.

Sometimes it comes once and you never think about it, other times, it happens many times in row.

Sufjan understands.


Cumbia feels like it’s always been in my blood


Something about Beau is Afraid makes me wonder about my experience living through life.

What are things that I might’ve seen in a different way, things that I experienced that weren’t as “immediate” as they were.

But overall, I think it made me realize that things around me aren’t always just as they are, maybe it’s just all how we perceive it in my head. Or maybe I don’t want to face the theater around me.

Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA

I had a feeling this album would be something I’d enjoy. But I didn’t realize how great this duo would’ve been.

Surrounded by peggy’s beats Danny is at his peak.


I think writing is very important, but for me its always been difficult.

A mentor of mine told me that “Writing can be like code”, in a sense that you’re trying to convince a machine to understand your code in clean and concise way.

Why wouldn’t writing be the same. You’re layout this “code” to create a way of convincing your reader about your argument.

Brian Eno

I didn’t appreciate Brian Eno initially. I think it took a while for me to get what he was trying to do.

Then again, maybe I still don’t really get it. And that’s pretty exciting. I haven’t even gone through the Roxy Music catalogue.

San Diego

Nothing like finding some great bookstores

Some of these views were amazing

Exploring Chat GPT

New Order