Jhonatan Salazar

Hi! 👋🏽 My full name is Jhonatan Jesus Salazar Rodriguez, but my friends call me Jhon


I think writing is very important, but for me its always been difficult.

A mentor of mine told me that “Writing can be like code”, in a sense that you’re trying to convince a machine to understand your code in clean and concise way.

Why wouldn’t writing be the same. You’re layout this “code” to create a way of convincing your reader about your argument.

Brian Eno

I didn’t appreciate Brian Eno initially. I think it took a while for me to get what he was trying to do.

Then again, maybe I still don’t really get it. And that’s pretty exciting. I haven’t even gone through the Roxy Music catalogue.

San Diego

Nothing like finding some great bookstores

Some of these views were amazing

Exploring Chat GPT

New Order